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I Am Nick: Father, Husband And CrossFit Athlete

My name is Nick Blum, I am 32 years old and live in Germany. I’m a husband and a father of two girls. Next to being an active CrossFit athlete, I have a full-time job and also work twice a week as a CrossFit coach. I spend my free time with my family and train (2-3h, 5 days a week). For the last 2-3 years I have competed at several CrossFit competitions across Europe. My next big competition as an solo athlete is going to be at the “Beast of Berlin 2018” in Germany.

How did you discover keto and what were your motivations to try it out?

Nick: I discovered the benefits of keto from a friend from training. He is a scientist and knows a lot about the Ketogenic lifestyle and performance. He told me about all the benefits and improvements which really made me curious. The number one motivation for me is to try new stuff always perform better or become healthier.

What has been your biggest success and your most challenging moment?

Nick: Via sport, I have taken part in some big European CrossFit competitions. It was really hard not to qualify for the first time recently. Sometimes you take two steps forward, and sometimes you take a few steps back. Currently, I just try to have fun in training which I think is one of the most important keys to success.

Do you have goals with keto, or do you have one end goal in mind? If yes, what are they/what is it?

Nick: To stay healthy my whole life. Currently, I try to boost my performance and be able to perform my sport as an athlete.

What type of lifestyle do you lead and what are the challenges you face?

Nick: I love my family life. My wife and I are both living an actively fit and healthy lifestyle; we try to be a good role model for our kids. They also love to be active and do all kinds of sports.

Nutrition sometimes gives me a hard time because there is too much information out there about “THE PERFECT NUTRITION.” There is no black and white and it’s also hard to find the perfect balance of carbs and fat for my sport. It’s tough to reload my glycogen levels directly after training or in the evening.

My ketone sticks are almost always purple.

What is your exercise regime like? What advice would you give to someone first starting out with keto with regards to fitness?

Nick: I train almost every day for 2-3h through endurance training, Olympic weightlifting and much more in order to stay competitive in Crossfit. I have to rest 2 days a week which is when I try to recover mentally and physically.

You have to stick to it even if it’s hard especially at the beginning. Eat enough and don’t go from 0 to 100km/h from one day to the next. Try out different types of Keto nutrition – everybody is different. For me, a kind of cyclical Keto works best, because of the high intensity training. It also depends what kind of sport you’re into; long-term endurance, weightlifting or Crossfit, there is no “one size fits all” solution. I believe that you have to deserve to eat carbs through hard training. No training, no carbs.
I Am Nick by Ketogo

Have you tried other ketone supplements in the past? Which brands? If yes, what was your experience with them?

Nick: I tried Pyruvates capsules, but they were really bad for me. I was laying down cramping with stomach pain on the floor for about 15min during a competition.

What made you try Ketogo Ketones?

Nick: I saw them right from the beginning on Instagram and social media. As soon as they released their product, I had to try it. All ingredients look good to me. It fits perfect into my current nutritional regime.

What was your experience with Ketogo Ketones? What were the results?

Nick: Non-Training Experience:
When I travel, Ketogo gives me so much energy and makes me feel great for the whole journey. I don’t get tired or feel like I need to take a nap.

During Training Experience:
When I take them before especially longer endurance workouts, I can hold a really tough pace. I have the feeling that my energy level raises above what I’m normally used to and capable of keeping. The feeling of improved endurance is awesome.

If you could give a recommendation for ketone supplements or Ketogo Ketones, what would it be?

Nick: I always look for high-quality and examine the ingredient list; if there is any suspicious stuff in it, don’t buy it.
Ketogo does a really good job of offering a top quality product that I’m willing to use to be my best physical self and have the best mental state for my competitions and in my daily life.

If you could give a recommendation or give advice for the ketogenic diet, what would it be?

Nick: Count your macros, measure your ketones, eat just quality fats, and add some MCT C8 oil to your diet. Don’t let yourself stay hungry, eat something, especially if performance is your main goal. If you must have carbs, only eat from natural sources like berries or green vegetables.
I Am Nick by Ketogo

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